Tap and hold to track values on mobile devices!

26th April 2019 Off By binary
Tap and hold to track values on mobile devices!
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Many of our users were struggling with tracking values & using charts on mobile devices. Here are the most common issues that caused frustration.

  • A user wants to see key chart values with no overlaps on the chart.
  • Users would like to scroll left to see history without moving the bar pointer.

There is no more need to choose either one or the other with this new mode! You are now able to use all chart features in the most convenient way whenever you need it.

We’ve made it all super simple!

  • Only the last price & price change for the last trading day is displayed in the chart legend on mobile devices by default.
  • If you need to track bar values (Open, High, Low, Close, Change) and indicator values then you need to long tap on the bar and hold your finger. You can move the bar pointer without removing your finger from the screen. If you want to exit the value tracking mode remove your finger from the screen.

Please note that the context menu of objects is shown after a long tap, same as before. There is a slight change though – the object need to be selected. In other words, to see the context menu of a line tap to select it first and then long tap on the line.

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