Terran Capitals is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!

14th April 2017 Off By Jamey Darien
Terran Capitals is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!
Terran Capitals review

After gathering some disturbing facts, as it relates to the Terran Capitals

SCAM, we decided to post a critical review and warn the community of the fake software. Unfortunately the TerranCapital.co website is either a terrible hoax or a highly misleading fraud, but one thing we know is that it’s not a serious binary options Auto-Trader.

If you are one of the unlucky thousands of people who have received an invitation from the email spammers who are behind the Terran Capitals Software, make sure to unsubscribe or they will bother you until your curiosity or wishful thoughts get the best of you.

When you land on the TerranCapital.co pitch page, you are faced with some ‘random dude; telling you how good the Terran Capitals software is, and why it is the best in the world. He does not introduce himself in anyway or reveal his link to the Terran Capital company or software. The only person that was introduced was Susan Carter, she is apparently the CEO for the past 11 years, and we were lucky enough to be shown a picture of her. Our only guess with regards to the presenter is that he is from a marketing company with the name of IDEOS as apparently they were commissioned to advertise the software. All we can say is that we hope he enjoys it in India as that is where the company is based. Further details on both him and Susan is unfortunately unavailable, and all we are left with is what is being said in the pitch video.

We couldn’t find any references to the scam on CNN Money Reuters, China Daily or CNBC.
Terran Capitals

Right now that we know who (well not exactly, but sort off) is behind the Terran Capitals Software, and how it operates, let’s have a look at a few facts which will without a doubt prove to you why this is a scam review and you need to stay away from the system. Our no name presenter claims that Terran Capital has been around for 11 years. Two things we found wrong with that statement, 1) The company does not exist. We were unable to find any link to any established organisation that even remotely carries the name. 2) The domain has most definitely not been around for 11 years as claimed. A simple search on who.is revealed that it was only registered on the 2nd May 2016, making this entire narrative a big lie.

The Terran Capitals scam allegedly works by following a mathematical algorithm that specializes in high frequency trading, which execute short positions at rate of 30 transactions per second. All we have to say with regards to that is, good luck if you do decide to register with this scam after reading this review, as your account will surely be wiped out the instant you switch it on, because at a rate of 30 transactions, your whole account will be placed on trades within seconds, and should things go wrong (which it will!!) you are done trading that account.

We found one particular statement mentioned by John Doe (for the purpose of this review he is now called John) quite interesting, and that is when he said, and we quote, “Algo-trading players represents only 2% of global market operations, but are responsible for 85% of transactions in the world, with Terran Capitals being responsible for 49% of that 85%. Now if you can also remember what he said, and why he is offering the Terran Capitals scam system to you for free today, is because some or other big bank is interested in airing the software, and they have to prove that the system is able of generating between 78% and 92% profits consistently.

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Well see here is where we are getting quite confused, and anyone who listened carefully no doubt would be as well. If the Terran Capitals software is already the highest performance auto trader in the industry, by generating more than half of all automated transactions in the world, what more is there to prove to the bank? Surely if they are the best the bank would know this due to their stats, and no further proof would be needed. Plus if their statement of the Terran Capitals scam being around for 11 years is true, then surely there should be 11 years’ worth of data to refer to when presenting the system to the bank. Again we are faced with why give it to 500 strangers to prove that something that has been performing for over a decade still is.

Remember when we said in the beginning of our Terran Capitals review that the date you received your email is your first clue as to why this system is a scam? Well see here is the thing, John clearly state at the end of the presentation that this auto trader is available for one day only. Guess what it has been way more than one day, and the date you received your email will prove that as well, since the TerranCapital.co website is still up, and no doubt your email is data about 3 to 4 days ago, makes that one big lie. Which is also one thing we see with scams over and over again, as they use this very sentence as a tactic to hook you and get you to register asap in the fear of maybe losing out. Our view on the Terran Capitals scam this time around is that you are one of the lucky ones, of you have missed out on this offer.