Then and now

12th February 2019 Off By binary
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In 1969:

Leftists: Free speech on campus!

Conservatives: Ban speakers with communist sympathies.

In 2019:

Conservatives: Free speech on campus!

Leftists: Ban speakers with non-PC views.

(OK, I’m cheating a bit—conservatives don’t like anti-Israeli speech.)

In 1969:

Conservatives: Cut your hair and conform to society’s norms.

Leftists: I’ll wear my hair any way I choose.

In 2019:

Leftists: Stop braiding your hair and conform to your ethnic group’s norms.

Conservatives: I’ll wear my hair any way I choose.

It seems like leftists and conservatives are constantly disagreeing and constantly changing their views. No so, they agree with each other and never change their views. Both conservatives and leftists agree that those with the most power should tell the rest of us how to live. The only thing that changes is the balance of power.

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