There’s something wrong with my car

22nd May 2019 Off By binary
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Last week, I brought my new car back to the dealer. It’s not working properly. Here’s how I explained the problem to the dealer:

When I merge onto the freeway, I have trouble getting the car up to 65mph. I tapped on the brake pedal 9 times, and still no luck. The car doesn’t accelerate to 65mph. There must be something wrong with my car.

The dealer gave me a funny look, and made up some phony excuse about how tapping the brake pedal might have prevented the car from reaching the desired speed.

I continue to receive comments telling me that the Fed lacks the ability to get inflation up to 2%. The Fed has raised interest rates 9 times since 2015, each time with the goal of reducing inflation. And now, in 2019, they still haven’t got inflation up to 2%. There must be something wrong with the Fed’s inflation raising mechanism.

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