Top Crypto News in Asia from Oct 3rd -6th

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Top Crypto News in Asia from Oct 3rd -6th
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What Crypto insiders are reading.

🎉Our New Podcast with Jason Fang from Sora Ventures is Out! 🎉

In this new episode, Joyce Yang from Global Coin Research is joined by Jason Fang, Managing Partner at Sora Ventures, an Asia-based venture capital firm focused on blockchain and crypto investments. The mission of the fund to invest in entrepreneurs who can make positive changes in our world using blockchain technology. Their investments include Thunder, Urbit, Mithril, Alphaslot and more.

Additionally, the Sora Summit will be taken place in Macau on Nov 13–14th. Listen to Jason in the podcast at 28:41on why the Summit will be taken place in Macau and checkout the great line-up of speakers and attendees.

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Jason was one of the earliest employees at Fenbushi Capital and started Sora Ventures when Mainland China banned ICOs in 2017. When I initially spoke to Jason, I’ve found him to be very thoughtful and his investing approach to be very unique amongst crypto investors that I’ve met. In our conversation, we talk about how Sora invests in crypto projects, Jason’s outlook for the crypto space, and his perspectives on crypto developments in the East and the West.

Time and Topics discussed in Our Interview

1:24- Introduction to Jason, Sora Venture, and his background
3:59- how did Sora Ventures get started after China banned ICOs
6:09- why Sora doesn’t invest in Chinese projects despite being headquartered in Shanghai, China
7:55- how Sora think about investing in the blockchain and crypto space
19:46- why do you like the reverse-ICOs model?
21:34- metrics to benchmark the success of reverse-ICOs
22:54- is the blockchain space between Asia and the West going to merge?
28:41- Checkout the upcoming Sora Summit on Nov 13–14th, use SORAMEDIA2018 to get 80% off to tickets
33:06- Current fund environment in Asia and how many funds have stopped investing in crypto
34:47- Where do you see the winners coming out of in Crypto?
35:20- Practical approaches to thoughtful investing

You can also read Jason’s thoughts on his medium articles here, in where he lays out Sora’s investment thesis and his outlook on Asia:
Sora Ventures’ Philosophy to Blockchain Investments
Understanding Chinese Crypto Investors

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🌟 Top News in Asia from Wednesday to Friday

According to revelations by insiders that are close to Bitmain (in Chinese), Jihan’s goal is to lead the firm to realize the curve overtake and become the next NVIDIA.

Korean crypto exchange Bithumb is launching a decentralized exchange in the months to come.

Seoul to promote blockchain through a 100bn won fund, as well as a large blockchain complex that will house over 200 companies.

💰 Deals and Funds

A Youtube interview with Huobi Capital head, the investment arm of Huobi Group, focusing exclusively on blockchain and crypto assets investment.

SKALE Labs, Inc. a blockchain company focusing on scalability infrastructure announced that it has raised $9.65 million in funding, led by Multicoin Capital, Aspect Ventures, Blockchange Ventures, Boost.VC, Canaan Venture Partners, Galaxy Digital, FLOODGATE Fund, Hack.VC, Neo Global Capital.

💰 Coin and Token News

A consortium of 61 Japanese banks, responsible for over 80% of Japan’s banking assets, has begun using a consumer-centric retail payments app using Ripple blockchain technology.

Thai Siam Commercial Bank will be the first to use RippleNet’s “multi-hop” feature.

Tron’s uTorrent Web has broken the record of 1 million daily active users.

Another EOS decentralized app has severely botched an airdrop, this time, fledging gambling platform se7ens is in the spotlight, after a community member managed to credit himself with a billion tokens by exploiting its poorly made smart contract.

Tron has 20%more number of total accounts than EOS, says Justin Sun. He alsomentions that total number of accounts of Tron is 13 times higher than that of Ethereum.

Neo’s Neon Exchange [NEX] announces exclusive partnership withnOS.

💸 Exchange News

New research alleges BitBNS — a trading platform in India — has faked a fair amount of volume, and continues to do so on a regular basis.

China-Based crypto exchange Coinex pays interest in BCH.

Mt. Gox Users, Mizuho Bank seek delay in lawsuit to await compensation outcome, as the financial institution is being sued for creating transaction difficulties for users around the time of Mt Gox’s collapse.

🎌 Regulation News

The chairman of Korea’s National Policy Committee has called for the legalization of initial coin offerings, provided that a regulatory framework is put in place.

💼 Business News

Alibaba’s Taobao bans cryptocurrency and ICO services on its platform.

Chinese energy company Risen Energy has partnered with a Spanish cryptocurrency mining farm to develop capacity of up to 300 megawatts of photovoltaic power.

Tech giant IBM is partnering with one of Singapore’s biggest shipper, Pacific International Lines, in digitalizing one of the most important documents in shipping — Bill of Lading.

Crypto-jacking epidemic spreads to 30K routers across India.


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