Trade Sniper is a SCAM!

14th April 2017 Off By Jamey Darien
Trade Sniper is a SCAM!
Real SCAM Trade Sniper !

Trade Sniper is a poor excuse for a trading software, we encourage you to read this review and avoid falling for this scam! Originally, was launched on March 2015, but currently is being promoted again via email campaigns, so you’re going to start hearing a lot about them.
Many fake binary options review websites are already set up to allure you into signing up with Trade Sniper. Spam email marketers are preparing their templates for their upcoming Trade Sniper blast. They are all going fishing.In this review we shall demonstrate to you how we found out that Trade Sniper is a scam without even trying it!

One of the reasons we didn’t write a review about when it was released back in March is that it looked too stupid. We were sure that no one will fall for it. Unfortunately, since then we received many emails subscribers reporting being conned by the deceptive scheme. Experience by real traders is the best indication of the true ITM performance generated by any signals provider, and since the first time this product was introduced to the public it was evident based on feedback on industry forum that this software is a complete waste of time. The first clue without even logging into is their association with generic . They are not promoted on any serious binary options forum or blog.

Let’s review some of the manipulative features that will definitely convince you that Trade Sniper is a fraud site, in case you’re still unconvinced. “In the last 60 minutes,” according to, “13 people just like you became trade snipers and banked $43,700.” Notice that the longer you stay in the website, the larger those numbers become. After a few minutes, 78 people allegedly joined Trade Sniper banking a total of more than $49,000. Well, if this is true, then why when we refresh the page, the numbers go down to where they started? They also assert that total Trade Sniper earnings for this month was $567,408, again the number goes up and up the more time you spend on, and of course if you leave the website and return, the earnings amount will reset. Is it so hard to design a false counter that actually looks real, which doesn’t reset itself whenever you clear your cookies or refresh the page?

Trade Sniper was developed by “Justin and a team of programmers based all over the world. Over 40,000 hours went in to the creation of Trade Sniper’s patent-pending algorithm.” Another lie. Who is this Justin? Doesn’t he have a surname? And we could not find any evidence that there is indeed a patent pending associated with Trade Sniper. Finally, the claim that the maximum profits that “users typically make with Trade Sniper is $350,000 per month” is very unrealistic. Besides, if the total earnings with Trade Sniper are below $600,000, then how can the typical profit for one person (and don’t forget that in a mere 1 hour, more than 70 people joined!) be so high? Seems like another falsity!

To make money with binary options, you have to be serious. There are no shortcuts and you cannot make $350,000 per month like the creators of Trade Sniper claim, at least not right when you start. However, if you play it smart and have good guidance, you can definitely make a few thousand dollars monthly with binary options trading. Start with a Free Demo Account and when you’re ready to trade with real money, sign up with a licensed broker.

As always we invite anyone who fell for the Trade Sniper scam or for other fraud binary options systems to comment below this review and share your experience with other traders. For more information on similar scams, visit The Binary Options Elite Club – list of scams.

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