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Over many years, the Forex industry has seen countless innovations and additions to the various platforms traders use. Meta3 and Meta4 have been the long heralded standard. While those have been the backbone platforms of the trading world, many have been clamoring for a better way to trade – Trade360 has been listening.

Trade360 has stepped up and seemingly moved ahead of the pack by designing an entirely new genre of trading capabilities.

When one hears about trading platforms and how industry professionals keep track of trading trends, one might envision vivid images of complex graphs and charts on bright, fluorescent, computer screens. These tools are the pillars of trading prosperity; however they can be quite confusing to navigate. This is where CrowdTrading comes in.

Trade360 CrowdTrading:

By using the “Wisdom of the Crowd”, this creative management team of industry professionals has crafted a set of advanced analytical tools that produces tradable information by using this new age concept. Trade360 has dubbed their unique service “CrowdTrading”, and it does take the trading of currency pairs and CFDs to an entirely new level. Imagine gaining insights from crowd behavior BEFORE the crowd even realizes it.

By analyzing trader behavior from all over the world, Trade360 alerts its clients to all trading trends on every single asset they offer with their Live Feed.

Trade360 Live Feed:

The Live Feed is the “window “into the Wisdom of the Crowd. Each box in the feed presents a fresh market trend – or “Crowd Event”. It shows how many people are buying and selling an asset right NOW. Trade with the majority – or go the other way, profiting on whether the price goes up or down. Before opening a Trade, click on a Crowd Event to explore the details in depth. But don’t delay too long. These events are time-critical money-making windows of opportunity.

Trade360 Cashback Rewards:

After speaking with a Trade360 representative, the way in which this feature works is based on one’s deposit amount, (the trader basically gets a certain percentage BACK on every single opened trade). Meaning the more one puts in, the more that individual gets back. The best part is that their traders get Cashback on each trade, no matter if the trade is buy/sell, or whether or not they go with the Crowd or against it.

This system is actually BETTER than the industry standard of regular deposit bonuses. (If you are unfamiliar with this, what it does is give you a specific bonus amount just for making a deposit with a specific company). While this SOUNDS great, what it does is essentially locks a trader into their system by preventing them from withdrawing his/her well-earned money by saying that since he/she basically used some of their funds to trade then they are not allowed to withdraw any profit beyond the initial investment.

With Cashback Rewards, there are no preconditions saying that a trader cannot withdraw his/her profits or the Cashback earned on each trade. Your profit is exactly that –YOURS!

So try out Trade360 and tap into the power of the crowd!

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What our subscribers are saying about Trade360


Great FX broker, respect


trade360 very easy to understand. The crawling feed on the side helped me in trading commodities I had no interest in before. A little clunky, but good overall.


I was a little skeptical at first. Thought it was like trade360 social trading, but it isn’t! You don’t copy what others are doing, but see what others are doing, as a whole. Easiest trading I’ve ever done.


Trade360 offers one of the most understandable platforms I’ve ever traded on. It’s easy to spot trends and sudden market movements thanks to the live feed feature.