tradephoria trading

Tradephoria is a new trading/gaming feature, rapidly gaining popularity amongst binary options and Forex traders, gamers and lottery lovers. In a certain way it is similar to classic binary options, as Tradephoria players are expected to predict price of the underlying asset at the moment of expiry, although the difference is that Tradephoria players have to predict the exact price of the asset (with small acceptable price deviation called winning corridor), and not just a direction of the price movement like in classic binary options trading. Tradephoria rules are very simple and it takes just a few minutes to learn the ropes.

All you have to do is to choose one of the table categories (1-Hour, 3-Hour, End-of-day or Mega 555), and then choose a table out of a different tables within the chosen category (for example AUD/USD, EUR/JPY etc.), make sure that table is available (it is closed when a game is in progress), set your target rate and join the game by pressing Start the Game button. Winning corridor will be set automatically according to the table rules. Wait for the game expiration and if expiry rate falls in your winning corridor you will win the reward or jackpot.

Below is the comparison of Tradephoria and classic binary options.

Similar features:

  • Similar underlying assets and trading charts are used in Tradephoria and classic binary options.
  • Players/traders predictions are related to the underlying asset price at the moment of expiry (or in case of Tradephoria – the moment the game ends).

Different features:

  • Tradephoria players do not have an option to those trading amount – it is set by the system and can be as low as $1 USD.
  • Tradephoria payout is a total amount of all entry fees, players pay to join the table.
  • If no one wins a game the jackpot gets transferred to the next game, growing till someone wins it.
  • Tradephoria is deducting 15% commissions from the winning amount and apart from that it is not interfering in playing process.
  • Trading Jackpots can grow into pretty large amounts, and what makes Tradephoria so fascinating is a possibility to win a lot of money with a very small investment.

In conclusion we would like to add that Tradephoria seems like a breath of fresh air many conventional binary and Forex traders have been waiting for. And the great thing about Tradephoria is that it is not a blind guessing game, it allows to convert market knowledge and trading experience into cash.