TrianaSoft Software Review

TrianaSoft Software Review

Avoid the TrianaSoft by Michael Wedmore and David Campbell, it’s a SCAM! This review will most definitely save you time, money and an unnecessary headache. We gathered some troubling facts that potential members should consider before registering with the week-old website Just like with any typical scam software, the Trianasoft fraud came out of the blue, the domain registration based on Whois Lookup is literally six days ago. You can easily verify this yourself and we encourage our readers to conduct an educated research before you decide to invest with any broker or signals provider.

Based on the annoying pop-up on TrianaSoft they already have 17,845 members and their still counting, we find it really hard to believe that within a few days they managed to deceive so many people. We can debunk any statement and any fake picture that you’ve seen on, as we have plenty of experience reviewing scam sites for over 3 years. Just by looking at their YouTube video, the one they embedded on the pitch page, we found that only 215 viewers watched their lousy video up until now. You would expect this video to have a few thousand views at least, considering the number of alleged members they trapped.

Did you notice the horrendous acting skills demonstrated by David Campbell? The Head of Research and Development at TrianaSoft aka Triana Software…Right! Over all it was embarrassing to watch. Maybe he had a guilt trip knowing that he is a cheap actor, working for an obvious overnight scam. We tried to locate Michael Wedmore and David Campbell on Facebook, Linkedin and on Google and couldn’t find any pictures that match the names, and on their website there’s no way to contact them or a link to a real profile you can verify. The only place you’ll find their name in association with Trianasoft or anything else, is on the fake reviews that are promoting this scam!

Do you feel like investing $250 with Triana Soft, even though it was created less than a week ago?

In our research we found that all the pictures of software members are fake. Let’s take Hannah Wood from the UK who who made thousands of dollars with Triana Software for example, well too bad she is not real. On this website: her name seems to be Sandra Harris. We found her picture on many sites and her name is different anywhere you look, this is a stock photo that webmasters purchase for testimonials. You can conduct a ‘Google Picture Search’ with every snapshot of a member on the TrianaSoft SCAM site and you’ll find that all the pictures are absolutely bogus.

Trianasoft was exposed on a few binary options review blogs and forums but unfortunately we did find some counterfeit news sites, endorsing with positive reviews so don’t buy into any of these tricks! Keep in mind that besides all the lies and deception we exposed in this review, you were not given any real evidence to support any claims made by “Michael Wedmore and David Campbell” at nay point. There’s absolutely no legitimate reason for you to take a risk and invest money with this software and our conclusion is solid as a rock.

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