Virtual Income SCAM ! Real SCAM Software Review!

13th April 2017 Off By Jamey Darien
Virtual Income SCAM ! Real SCAM Software Review!

Real SCAM Software Review!

It doesn’t get any worst than the Virtual Income SCAM software that recently came out, presented by an alleged “Henry Howes” who cannot be confirmed. After several complaints related to, we decided that it’s time to expose the fraud, before day-traders register with this misleading Automated Virtual Income Profit System.

We’re glad to find that is not available in the United States, which equals less victims but if do reside in a country where this scam is available, don’t buy into any of the fake reviews such as on the fraud news release website which promotes every service that pays them well enough, irregardless if it’s worth anything or not. In this particular case they clearly chose to promote a fraudulent money-making scheme.

The complaints and feedback we’re getting concerning Virtual Income are disturbing! The reported losses per each day-trader are over $1,000 in some cases, while their deceptive actor promises profits of up to $10,000 daily, or over 3.5 Million Dollars a year in other words. Notice how this crook claims that all the members profits were verified and audited by 3rd parties. Please refer us to these organizations, because we can’t find anything legit on this annoying pitch page. Take for example the Better Business Bureau logo, the pop-up that won’t go away until you give them your email and the silly “6 memberships left” on the 2nd page of this offer, doesn’t it worry you? They are obviously not registered with the BBB and not incorporated anywhere in the world.

Let’s get straight to the facts, there’s no such a company as Virtual Income Incorporated, so forget about that part where you’re being sold a story on how if you invest a lot of money, you can make more when they go public and this bogus company’s stocks increase in value. Honestly if the developer who’s being this filthy scam ever goes public, he will surely get arrested for online fraud, false advertising and plenty of other criminal charges.

Wouldn’t you expect Virtual Income Incorporated aka Real SCAM Software to at least provide you with a social profile, email or contact information of the founder or anyone who’s in charge of As always, there’s absolutely no way to verify if Henry Howes is a real person. As with any typical scam, you will only find a reference to the founder on the fake reviews. We know that email marketers are also spamming many binary options traders with the most pathetic looking invitations titled “Collect your Commissions Today” and other nonsense. Let’s also dispel the notion that a trading software can be 100% accurate. We certainly hope that all the psychological mind games didn’t get the best of you, and that you managed to find this review before investing any money.

After looking up Virtual Income on Google, we found several negative reviews, but many positive endorsements by fake sites that will endorse and promote anything for a few dollars. It’s really sad and you should stay away from these collaborating scammers. No evidence, credible members, real ownership, trusted reviews or anything that you would expect from a multi-million dollar software, is available for you so why should you take the risk?

If was a legitimate company and/or a trading software, they wouldn’t use the common pressure tactics to get you to register before it’s too late. You’d be chasing after them and not the other way around, so when this asshole told you that there’s an exception to the saying “If it’s too good to be true, it’s not” you can rest assure that the Virtual Income is a scam and the only success you’ll see from it is when you deactivate the software and file a credit card dispute against the broker they assigned you to after submitting your information!

Remember that this is a real Virtual Income Review, we received several complaints already and don’t want to see others lose money with the fake app, virtual system company or whatever it is.. ‘Fraud’ sums it up very well! If you do have any experience to share, testimonials or real feedback, don’t hesitate to write a comment below this review and help us deter others from losing money with this fake offer. Virtual Income is a Real SCAM Software

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