Washington Post Says Canadians at Truck Stops and Hockey Games Are Worried Trump Outmaneuvered Them on NAFTA

30th August 2018 Off By binary
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We wouldn’t have known this without the a Washington Post article headlined “…on NAFTA, Canadians worry they have been outmaneuvered by Trump.” While that is the theme of the piece, the only person quoted or cited in the piece who says anything like this is a member of the opposition Conservative party.

The piece also bizarrely concludes that the US has much more leverage with Canada than the other way around:

“But the latest turn in the talks makes the ‘no deal’ option particularly dangerous for Canada if Trump goes ahead with his threat to impose tariffs on Canada’s substantial exports of cars and automotive components to the United States.”

The companies that export cars from Canada to the United States have names like “Ford” and “General Motors.” These companies will not be happy if Donald Trump uses his leverage to punish them. It is also not clear that the net effect in this story would a substantial increase in manufacturing employment in the United States, since some of the cars produced in Canada will be replaced by cars produced in other countries.

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