Wealthy Wheat Trader

8th March 2017 Off By Jamey Darien
Wealthy Wheat Trader

Yesterday a new software came out, the Wealthy Wheat Trader and they claim to be making millions trading the Wheat option on binary options platforms. The entire pitch sounded kind of suspicious, such as the comparison between Oil, Gold and other commodities VS trading the mighty ‘Wheat Option’ for it being not as expensive…We didn’t really understand the point since with binary options brokers you can pick how much money you want to put on each trade, therefore the argument didn’t make much sense.

Wealthy wheat trader review

We still didn’t receive any feedback since the website Wealthy wheat trader since the website just went public and it’s completely fresh at this point but we do have a strange feeling that this website will be the next viral software day-traders will be asking ask about, some of our colleagues in the industry and website visitors are already asking questions but we don’t have a conclusive assessment.

We believe that being cautious is the key, many of the fake binary options auto traders are working with unregulated brokers which a MAJOR RED FLAG and you can spot it before you lose your money by checking if the broker is regulated or not before you fund a trading account, which is a requirement after you skip to the next page. We recommend that you always do a background check before signing up with any broker synced with the Wealthy Wheat Trader software. If they are working with scam brokers, such as the brands listed on our binary options blacklist, you should avoid this offer whether or not your judgment is telling you to sign up and you are %100 sure you are about to make millions of dollars trading the wheat option using this software.

Honestly this entire offer sounds a little bit too good to be true…It’s a great concept and who knows? maybe we are not intelligent enough to get it. We rely on feedback and evidence! The bank account statements displayed in the video on the Wealthy wheat trader website can be easily faked, we’ve seen it done before. Furthermore, the sense of urgency to sign up with the software that the pitch gives you as a user, makes you wonder what’s the rush all about. Either way, we are not going to blacklist the Wealthy Wheat Trader software unless we get some complaints and negative comments. We will give this software the benefit of the doubt as much as it looks and feels like a total SCAM.

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