What’s on your 2019 programming checklist?

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What’s on your 2019 programming checklist?
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We all want to learn new things and master different skills. However, it’s not possible to achieve everything we want in one year. A few things always get left out — no matter how much you try.

This Hashnode discussion is on 🔥🔥🔥 right now, and here‘s what people are adding on their 2019 programming checklist:

  • Keep having fun with programming,
  • Master ES6! JavaScript is like a grandmother that keeps on giving you candy and ever stop. She just wants to see you happy and fat,
  • Maybe I’ll learn React, maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll learn Python, maybe I won’t,
  • Earn more money,
  • Stop doing a Github commit every day like this year,
  • Rust + WASM!!!
  • Check out ReasonML,
  • Want to add ML powered feed in one of my friend’s project — will use tensorflow.js So I have to learn this and somewhat of neural net, models etc,
  • Learn GraphQL 🚀 and use it in my projects,
  • Visit Hashnode a lot 😎,
  • Take time to write the game-dev articles (they are fully planned out until part 6 content-wise, I just need to code and write them 😆),
  • Have to learn advanced blockchain and dapps architecture & if time permits then maybe build a small dummy coin (erc 20 or advance token),
  • Do my AWS Solutions Architect exam and pass,
  • Returning and continuing to develop Star Wars conversion websites in PHP,
  • Attend more tech conferences 😃,
  • Learn Docker,
  • Prepare for AI and ML,

Our top pick is 😂 👇 :

  • A while back, I designed what I thought was a beautiful butterfly and my heartless girlfriend told me that it looked like a horse. So, I have to learn some 3D designing.

So, what does your 2019 programming checklist look like?

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